She’s Now Excluding Her Cousin Who Has Down Syndrome From Her Wedding Party Due To Some Issues But Her Aunt Is Accusing Her Of Discrimination

In the end, she just left the store because they were getting nowhere.

Then it came time to pick out the wedding cake, and Etta came along for that. This bride-to-be tried hard to pick a cake flavor the kids would enjoy at the wedding, and everyone loved the chocolate cake.

Etta replied that she did not like chocolate, and when the bride-to-be suggested vanilla, Etta didn’t care.

Etta said she was going to just have candy bars, and the bride-to-be graciously said she could bring them to her wedding, but that she did also want to have wedding cakes.

“Then she was pissed because she wasn’t being “included” in the cake she didn’t even want,” the bride-to-be explained.

Now, this bride-to-be really does not want Etta to be in the wedding party, since she’s just making everything unnecessarily difficult on her.

She approached her aunt to explain her position on why she will be excluding Etta from the bridal party, but her aunt was absolutely furious.

Her aunt also accused her of discriminating against Etta, but this bride-to-be says that has nothing to do with her decision.

After this conversation, her aunt made Etta call her to ask if she would change her mind, but she very politely told Etta why she was not going to do that.

This has caused a huge problem with her whole family, not just her aunt, and her mom thinks she’s a jerk for what she decided to do.

How would you deal with this?

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