Some Kids At A Summer Camp Found A Dead Man In The Woods And This Is The Interesting Note The Camp Sent Out To Parents

“A counselor and 3 of our oldest campers were in the woods at the border of camp and private property collecting wood for a big event called ‘Rope Burn’,” the letter continues.

“As they collected wood, they accidentally came upon the remains of a human body that appeared to have died quite a while ago.”

The camp said that they did contact the police, and they additionally provided counseling to the kids that found the man.

In case you thought the kids who made the discovery were traumatized for life, don’t worry, they appear to be ok.

“At this point, they seem emotionally stable and excited to be in Color War,” the letter explained.

Twitter; pictured above is a copy of the letter the camp sent home as shared by Bex Schwartz

You can view Bex’s original post on Twitter here.

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