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Spooky And Spectacular Halloween Nail Art You Can Order On Etsy

Frankenstein Press-On Nails

We Love FRANKIE Frankenstein Halloween Autumn Black Green image 0

If Frankenstein is your favorite monster, you’re going to love these press-on nails from Blush Nail Boutique!

You can get them here on Etsy starting at $25

Black Cats In Sweaters Nail Polish Strips

Orange black color Cats in Sweaters real nail polish strips image 0

You know what they say about black cats being bad luck? There’s just no way ones in orange sweaters are.

These nail polish strips from Party Time Nail Wraps feature cute black cats and last 10 days or longer.

You can get them here on Etsy for $3.60

Batty Press-On Nails

Batty PressOn Nails Halloween Design Black to Clear Ombre Medium Almond

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