Teen Hit By 2 Cars Waiting For The School Bus And The 1st Driver Never Stopped

Richmond, Virginia. 15-year-old Sophia Matias attends Stafford High School, and she recently was accepted into her school’s field hockey team, which she was thrilled about.

On August 17th, she was doing something most average high schoolers do when something terrible happened.

Sophia was waiting for her school bus to arrive, but the bus never got there that morning to pick her up.

Since the bus clearly wasn’t coming to get her, Sophia was able to connect with one of her friends and ask them to give her a ride to school that day.

“She was crossing Leeland Road to catch a ride with a friend,” Vicki Hollibaugh Mullen, a friend of Sophia’s family, wrote on a GoFundMe page for Sophia.

“She was hit by a car, that left the scene, and then run over by a second car. The second car remained on the scene.”

GoFundMe; pictured above is Sophia

Now, Sophia is at the VCU in Richmond, Virginia being treated for extensive injuries that she received from being hit by two cars.

“Her jaw is broken on both sides, pelvis is broken on both sides, right hip is broken, she has a brain bleed and both lungs and right kidney are bruised,” Vicki explained.

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