This Ex-Bridesmaid Is Refusing To Attend Her Cousin’s Wedding After She Insisted She Dye Her Ginger Hair To Be In The Wedding

I am well aware that weddings are supposed to be happy and fun, but boy, they really do have a way of bringing out the worst in some people, including brides-to-be.

One young woman named Ella was originally supposed to be a bridesmaid in her cousin Amy’s wedding, but she decided to drop out after her cousin made some crazy demands.

Her cousin insisted she dye her ginger hair in order to be part of the wedding party, and this now ex-bridesmaid is refusing to attend the wedding at all.

She started out by saying that her cousin Amy has a color theme for the wedding, which is purple, blue, and green. It’s a peacock theme.

Everyone has to wear those three colors. The guests have to show up in these colors, the bridesmaids have to wear them, and the maid of honor also has to wear those specific colors.

Amy threatened to have security kick anyone out of the wedding if they did not pay heed to the colors she requested.

On top of that, Amy was upset that Ella’s ginger-colored hair was going to destroy the color scheme of her wedding, so she asked Ella to dye her hair to dark brunette.

When Ella refused, Amy then insisted she had to wear a wig for the wedding day because her “butt-length flaming red hair will destroy the wedding photos, and ruin the color scheme completely.

Ella’s hair really isn’t “freaking Merida” red as Amy described; it’s more strawberry blonde.

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