She Trashed Her Husband’s Xbox After He Refused To Look For Their Son’s Lost Dog And The Internet Is Worried She Married A Monster

A 35-year-old woman literally trashed her husband’s Xbox when he refused to help look for their son’s lost dog.

She started out by explaining that she’s a nurse, and understandably she’s been ridiculously busy over the past few months.

To top it all off, she gave birth only 6 months ago to her daughter.

Her 8-year-old son really wanted to get a dog, and he begged her and her 35-year-old husband to get one.

At first, she was very hesitant because this all happened right when she learned that she was pregnant with her daughter, and she thought a dog on top of that would be too much.

In the end, her husband insisted that a dog would teach their son responsibility, and the skills he would learn could potentially help when they needed him to pitch in with his baby sister.

Additionally, her husband had made her a promise that he was going to help their son care for their new dog.

She really was on the fence about the dog, but she had no choice but to give in since her husband was already all for it.

She didn’t want to continue fighting, so she was alright caving in and getting the dog.

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