Two Twin Babies Sadly Swept Away In Flood Waters As Their Dad Tried To Hold Onto Them And Their Two Siblings

Waverly, Tennessee. This past Saturday, a town called Waverly in Tennessee experienced fatal flooding when more than 17 inches of rain hit in 1 day alone.

When the floodwaters surged through the town, a woman by the name of Charity Hooks said that her cousin Matt and his wife Danielle got stuck in the rising water along with their 4 young children.

“The mother grabbed a tree and the father had the 2 twins, the 5-year-old, and 19-month-old, and sadly the 2 baby’s left his arms,” Charity explained on a GoFundMe page.

The twins, 7-month-old Rileighanna and Ryan, were swept away in the floodwaters as their dad desperately tried to hold onto them and their 2 siblings.

Facebook; pictured above are 7-month-old twins Rileighanna and Ryan

Matt and his wife Danielle both suffered bruises and cuts, but they were able to get to safety along with their 5-year-old and 19-month-old children.

Angie Willeby, the grandmother of Rileighanna and Ryan, took to Facebook to share a heartbreaking update that Rileighanna and Ryan had been found.

She also posted a screenshot of the text she received from a stranger whose husband had helped to find Rileighanna and Ryan.

“Hi you don’t know us. But my husband was with the rescue teams that found your grandbabies,” the stranger said to Angie. “He was just a volunteer helping them.”

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