She’s Not Sure If It Was Wrong To Want To Refund The Girl Who Ruined Her Best Friend’s Wedding, Because Her Best Friend Is Pretty Upset About It

Like I’ve said before, even though weddings are a special day, they sure do have a way of bringing out the worst in some people involved.

This story, in particular, is pretty crazy, and a woman isn’t sure if it was wrong of her to refund the girl who ruined her best friend’s wedding.

Understandably, her best friend is not only upset about what happened at her wedding, but she’s also upset that this woman wants to give a refund out to the person responsible for destroying everything for her.

This woman started out by saying that her friend the bride was quite pregnant, so they never planned a bachelorette party for her before the wedding.

They ended up planning the party for after the wedding and after she was going to have her baby.

All of the 5 bridesmaids sent her money on Venmo to cover their costs for the bachelorette trip, and the girls also pitched in to cover everything so the bride would not have to pay anything to go.

So, the wedding date arrives, and one bridesmaid named Debbie (who is the stepsister of the groom and known for being dramatic) asked her boyfriend to come with her as her plus one.

He really was just there for Debbie because he isn’t friendly with the bride or with the groom at all.

Anyway, the wedding was really over the top. It was held in a vineyard, the bar was open, and the bride and her groom already paid for hotel rooms for everyone in the bridal party to stay for the whole weekend.

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