Young Woman Says She Refused To Let Her Stepdaughter Come Live With Her But Now She’s Asking The Internet If She Made A Mistake

A young woman recently hopped online to say that she refused to let her stepdaughter come live with her…but now she’s asking the internet if she made some kind of mistake.

“I am a 25-year-old woman. Six months ago, I married my boyfriend of one year, a 30-year-old male,” she started out by saying.

“He has a 14-year-old daughter with his high school ex-girlfriend, also 30. They broke up when they were 19 and his ex-girlfriend got custody, although my husband was very involved in his daughter’s life and visited her frequently.”

“My husband passed away only 2 months after our wedding in a tragic accident.”

“I’m still in mourning. I loved him deeply. His daughter did not cope with the trauma well.”

“She lives with her mother and her stepfather as well as her stepsiblings. Coupled with the traumatic experience of losing her dad, whom she loved very much, as well as the normal pressures of being a teenager, she has not been her best self the past few months.”

“She has clashed regularly with her parents and has vented to me many times through texts and phone calls.”

“Really, I’m more of a sister than a “stepmother” to her.”

Well, it’s nice of her to be there for her, but here’s where things turned into an issue.

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