15 Years Ago This Teen Checked Into A Motel With Her Much Older Boyfriend But Was Never Seen Again

Austin, Texas. 18-year-old Roxanne Elizabeth Paltauf vanished in Austin on July 7th, 2006, without wearing any shoes or taking anything she owned, except her state ID card.

People don’t just up and disappear of their own accord without packing some key personal items.

Money, credit cards, a cellphone, shoes on your feet…those are all things you would need in order to pick up and start a new life or take a break from your current one.

Roxanne’s much older boyfriend said she stormed off into the night after they got into an argument, but it seems there is much more to her strange disappearance than that.

Facebook; Roxanne is pictured above

Roxanne was in a relationship with a man by the name of Louis Walls. He was 30-years-old when Roxanne turned 18, and the two had been together since she was only 16. Initially, Roxanne thought Louis was 19, because that’s what he had told her. It didn’t take long for her to discover that he was actually 12 years older than her.

Even though Louis hadn’t been honest with her about his real age and her mom Lizzy did not accept their relationship, Roxanne continued to see him.

Facebook; Roxanne is pictured above with a pink swimming float

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