15 Years Ago This Teen Checked Into A Motel With Her Much Older Boyfriend But Was Never Seen Again

Louis has said that he and Roxanne got into some kind of disagreement, so she stormed off out of their room and into the night at around 8:30.

He explained that he attempted to walk after her, but Roxanne insisted that she needed to be by herself, so he turned around and left her, heading to the room instead.

The next day, Roxanne was supposed to return home, but she never showed up. A little after 4:30 in the afternoon, Louis called Lizzy to ask if she had any idea where Roxanne was before filling her in on their argument.

Lizzy called the police to report Roxanne missing, and she encouraged Louis to contact them as well. In the days that followed, Louis gave Lizzy Roxanne’s cell phone, which she had left behind, along with all of her belongings in their room. He never gave Lizzy any of the other things Roxanne had left behind though.

Interestingly enough, Louis had made about 300 different phone calls on Roxanne’s phone after she went missing…and an overwhelming number of them were calls to his ex. Then, on July 13th, Roxanne’s ID showed up.

When a man by the name of Geoffrey Moore was arrested by police for assaulting a dancer close to the motel Roxanne was staying in, they were surprised to find Roxanne’s ID on him.

He never did mention how he came to be carrying it, and he never was charged with anything related to Roxanne’s disappearance. On top of that, the charges against the dancer were dropped after his arrest.

It’s now been 15 years since Roxanne was last seen at the Budget Inn. Roxanne’s family insists something terrible happened to her, as she wouldn’t just leave under such strange circumstances.

They also say that Roxanne had revealed shortly before she went missing that Louis got physical with her.

If you have any information on what happened to Roxanne or where she is, please contact the Austin Police Department at 512.974.5250.

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