23-Year-Old Says Her Boyfriend’s Dad Tried To Sleep With Her And She’s Asking The Internet What To Do

A 23-year-old woman says her boyfriend’s dad tried to sleep with her, and she’s asking the internet what to do about this.

She started out by explaining that she has arthritis, and because of that she had to have surgery performed on her hip.

Since the surgery, she is unable to easily do stairs, and the apartment she was living in had three floors…and tons of stairs. So, she ended up moving to her boyfriend’s family’s house.

Her boyfriend’s parents have tons of issues and fight frequently. That’s nothing new; it’s the reason her boyfriend left home and joined the airforce as soon as he turned 18.

She’s been dating her boyfriend for 2 years, and she admits they did have some issues like him cheating on her, but they are trying to rebuild their relationship.

“So in order to help him heal, I’ve taken the trouble of checking in on his family and his dad (45-year-old male) because his dad has been out of work since he hurt his back and cannot work anymore,” she said.

“He’s been coming in and checking on me often because he knows we’ve been dealing with our own relationship issues and mental health.”

At first, her boyfriend’s dad would just pause longer in their bedroom. He would chat with her more, and she never thought anything of it.

Things escalated from there though, and he became more physical towards her. He started hugging her.

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