5 People Open Up About Their Paranormal Experiences That Convinced Them To Believe In Ghosts

Do you believe in ghosts, or don’t you? These 5 people you are about to read about didn’t necessarily buy into the spirit world existing…

…Until the paranormal experiences that they had ended up convincing them to believe otherwise.

The Call For Help

bonciutoma –

“I was camping with my husband and his family at a small, remote lake in our state. Our state (NM) has always had many stories of paranormal activity just about everywhere…well on this camping trip, there were about 10 of us off the shore of the lake and one other group of people camping, maybe like 6 of them, at the next site over off the shore.”

“It was nighttime and both our group and the other were doing typical activities, making s’mores, having a few drinks, telling stories, when all of a sudden we ALL heard what sounded like a little girl yelling out for help.”

“The other group of campers asked us if we had any children in the group, we didn’t. Neither did they. But we were all positive we were hearing a little girl and decided to search the area we heard the noises from together.”

“Rather quickly we found something. There was a field behind our campsites, and we all saw a very tall, pure white figure standing maybe 100ft away from us in the field, making the noises. We all agreed this thing looked maybe 6 feet tall, skinny, and white as can be. Everyone got quiet, but we were all together still and made our way closer to investigate.”

“Whatever it was that we saw started backing off as we got closer until it disappeared beyond some trees. Every single person in both campsites was freaked out by this, and that night while we tried to sleep, we continued to hear those little girl calling for help sounds. It gives me chills to think back on this.”


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