A 6-Year-Old Boy Had His Bike Stolen Twice So These Kind Police Officers Stepped In To Buy Him A Brand New One

Taunton, Massachusetts. 6-year-old  Bryan King Jr. lives in Taunton with his family. He recently celebrated his 6th birthday, and his family bought him a brand new bike for an early present after his other bike had been stolen from their house.

On September 22nd, Bryan’s mom Dawn King called the local police department to sadly report that Bryan’s brand new birthday bike had been stolen right out of their yard just a few weeks after his last bike was stolen in the same way.

Officer Michael Hughes and Officer Michael Flynn with the Taunton Police Department responded to Dawn’s call, and they arrived at the family’s home on Ashland Street.

“After leaving the home, Officer Flynn and Officer Hughes had the idea to purchase a new bicycle for Bryan,”  the Taunton Police Department said in a statement.

“Using their own money, they bought him the same style bicycle that had been most recently stolen, a blue and green Genesis 18″ Glitch boy’s BMX bike.”

Taunton Police Department; pictured above are Officer Flynn on the left and Officer Hughes on the right, smiling along with Bryan and the new bike they bought for him

That same afternoon, Officer Flynn reached out to Bryan’s mom to ask if they could come back to their house and ask them some morequestions about Bryan’s stolen bike.

When Officer Flynn and Officer Hughes got back to Bryan and Dawn’s house, they kindly gave Bryan the brand new bike they had bought for him with their own money.

They also bought two bike locks for Bryan so that he could prevent his bike from being stolen out of his yard.

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