After His Mother-In-Law Refused To Come To The Wedding For A Crazy Reason, Here’s How He Replied To Her

A few days ago when he got home from work one night, he was surprised to see some of his fiancée’s family members in his house, without his fiancée there.

His mother-in-law took the opportunity to bring up the wedding venue again just as he sat down to take off his socks.

He reprimanded his mother-in-law for getting on him about it before he even had a moment to sit down, and she replied back that her daughter needs to get married at this place.

“She sternly said that her daughter deserves to have her wedding at that venue and I’m a doctor I can afford it and distance was just an excuse,” he said.

“She said she made a reservation on the phone and I had to pay for it within a set time while pointing at me with her finger which I thought was rude and very, very disrespectful, followed by or else.”

“I asked “or else” what? She said if I choose any other venue then she won’t attend the wedding.”

“I didn’t budge like she thought I would I just leaned forward and said, “Alright, I guess the trash took itself out then?”

As you can imagine, his answer did not go over well with his mother-in-law or the rest of his fiancée’s family members.

Everyone clearly heard what he had said, and they all got quiet. His mother-in-law yelled at him that he was rude and cheap, while he maintained that she was being a complete gold digger.

He then said she needed to go home and let him and his fiancée deal with the wedding venue decision on their own.

She began sobbing before making her way out of the house and the rest of his fiancée’s family went with her.

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