After The Bride’s Mother-In-Law Freaked Out Before The Wedding She Decided To Put Her In Her Place

One woman recently was a bridesmaid in her friend’s wedding but after the bride’s mother-in-law freaked out before things got underway, this bridesmaid stepped in to put her in her place.

This bridesmaid started out by explaining that the bride’s mother-in-law is notorious for being, well, not the easiest person to be around.

She verbally beats up her loved ones until they give in to what she wants, and if things do not end up going the way she plans, she ends up saying awful things to get things going her way and nobody ever does anything to stop her.

This bridesmaid has seen the mother-in-law’s behavior before at her friend’s engagement party, where the mother-in-law was making snide comments.

Anyway, fast forward to the actual wedding, and there were less than 20 attendees. Her friend and her husband-to-be really did want a tiny wedding, but her friend’s mother-in-law was upset about this, to begin with.

“As the law of the universe dictates, what could go wrong went wrong on the morning of the wedding & Bride was delayed by around 30-45 mins,” she said.

“Bride was freaking out in her room (the venue was at a house) because we could hear MIL raging to anyone who would listen (including Bride’s own parents) about how Bride was ruining the morning.”

“No one (not even the Groom’s father or sister) wanted to tell MIL to calm down or even tell her how much longer it was going to take.”

So, she figured out how much longer it would take the bride to be ready, and she made sure the groom knew how long that would actually be.

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