After The Bride’s Mother-In-Law Freaked Out Before The Wedding She Decided To Put Her In Her Place

The groom really did not care but his mom sure took issue with the bride being late to her own wedding.

Her friend’s mother-in-law was in earshot as she told the groom how much longer everyone was going to have to wait, and things got ugly.

Her friend’s mother-in-law absolutely freaked out on her and started screaming about how the bride was not considerate at all.

As this was all going down, her friend’s parents were standing right there and could clearly hear all of the terrible things their daughter’s mother-in-law was saying.

Her friend’s husband-to-be did nothing to put his mom in place, so she took matters into her own hands.

“I turned to her & said in a polite (but stern) voice: I know you’re upset, but today is not about you,” she continued.

“I will not allow you to disrespect me. You can sit down, enjoy the day your son is getting married instead of causing a scene.”

“There’s a fan, food, drinks, & music for you to enjoy. You don’t need to upset yourself over this. It is being managed.”

She didn’t even let her friend’s mother-in-law reply to what she told her; she just left to go assist her friend.

For the rest of the wedding day, her friend’s mother-in-law kept her distance. She found out later that her friend’s mother-in-law had gone up to her friend and accused her of “shaming her.”

Well, the groom didn’t agree with his mom, he agreed with her, and now her friend’s mother-in-law is insisting she apologize to her.

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