At Her Dad’s Engagement Party, She Referred To His Girlfriend As A Mistress And Her Dad Says She Ruined Everything

Amanda tried to convince her to get up and say something to the guests, but she replied that she really wanted to leave the engagement party because she was not feeling good now.

Her godfather jumped in then and attempted to get her to say something as well, but she let out her emotions and said she had nothing to say that was good about her dad and “his mistress.”

She then insisted that it was time for her to leave.

Amanda was furious with her for calling her a mistress, and Amanda in retaliation called her a jerk before insisting she needed to move on.

She said nothing further to Amanda and ended up leaving as her boyfriend arrived then to get her.

As soon as she left, her dad phoned her up to tell her he was livid about what she did. Amanda was in tears over being called his mistress, and he expected her to apologize.

Her dad then said she completely destroyed the party, but she pointed out that she did not make a scene and could easily have done so.

She also maintained that she would not offer up a sorry for simply saying factual things, but now she’s concerned she blew up and acted inappropriately.

Her boyfriend has sided with her and gets where she is coming from, but her dad’s parents think she was way out of line.

How would you deal with this?

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