Firefighters On A Plane Jump In To Save An Unconscious Man Suffering From A Seizure

Boston, Massachusetts. Last Thursday, a plane took off from Boston Logan International Airport with seven firefighters on board who were taking a trip to the Fallen Firefighter Memorial in Denver, Colorado.

Four of the firefighters who were on the flight are currently part of the North Attleboro Fire Department; Chief Christopher Coleman, Captain Josh Langille, Captain George McKinnon, and Lieutenant Scott Langille.

One of the firefighters aboard the plane was Cory Shepardson, a Foxborough Firefighter, and the additional two firefighters were Rich McDonagh and Jeff Badger, who are both now retired.

Just 30 minutes after the flight all seven firefighters were on left Boston Logan International Airport, something went terribly wrong.

Seated somewhere on the plane in front of the seven firefighters was a man who began suffering from a seizure.

The firefighters quickly leaped up from their seats as the man lost consciousness.

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You might not think that firefighters respond to calls not related to fires, but they actually do, and a lot of the calls they go on are for medical problems, so these men were well prepared to help in this in-flight situation.

“As soon as we recognized that there was a problem, our training kicked in,” Captain George McKinnon with the North Attleboro Fire Department said in a press conference recorded by WBZ-TV.

“We do this stuff all over the place in all different kinds of settings. Never thought I would be doing it in an airplane up above.”

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