He Caught His 22-Year-Old Girlfriend Giving His Dad A Foot Massage In The Guest Bedroom And He’s Telling The Internet He Doesn’t Know What To Do

“I opened it and saw my father laying on a chair by the bed with his feet up and my girlfriend was sitting in front of him with her hands wrapped around one of the feet,” he explained.

“They were both fully clothed. They both looked at me, I looked back, and I just quietly head back to my room, locking the door behind me.”

“I heard my girlfriend knocking on the door and telling me it was just a foot massage, and it’s not what I think, but I just ignored her.”

Then his dad started knocking and saying he was immature. After that, his mom tried begging him to come out and eat.

He then picked up his girlfriend’s phone and attempted to see if she had any weird texts on there, but he couldn’t get past the password.

He spent the entire day locked inside of his room, and he isn’t sure how he should feel about this entire situation.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

” …Why are they in the privacy of the guest bedroom instead of a more public room of the house?”


“If your dad needed a foot massage he should have asked your mom, not made your girlfriend do it.”


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