He Caught His 22-Year-Old Girlfriend Giving His Dad A Foot Massage In The Guest Bedroom And He’s Telling The Internet He Doesn’t Know What To Do

“Their reaction is reasonably telling. If they weren’t doing something they shouldn’t have been why are they acting guilty?”


“Why is your dad asking your girlfriend for a foot massage? To give her the benefit of the doubt (and as a woman myself) she might have not felt comfortable saying “No” considering that’s her in-law there might have been a subconscious feeling of obligation.”


“The biggest thing in a relationship is communication. You need to use your words and tell her it made you uncomfortable and also listen to her explanation of why it happened.”


He then shared an update.

“I mustered the courage to go and talk to them and had my girlfriend open her phone,” he wrote. “Long story short, this has been going on for a while, and I guess my mom either didn’t know or doesn’t care. Lots of heart emojis.”

“My girlfriend apologized and said she thought it’d be too awkward to tell me, but she felt bad for my dad, while my dad said he was embarrassed about getting old and having foot pains. I told him she isn’t a masseuse, as well as some more colorful words.”

“He tried to discuss “comfort levels” and boundaries, but I told him the fact that they did this in secret means they already know boundaries were broken.”

“We got into a mild physical altercation, and now I’ve decided to move out. I’ve already contacted a friend. I don’t know if it progressed farther than that for sure, but the trust is gone. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to speak to any of them again.”

You can read the rest of what the internet had to say to her here.

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