He Told His Wife She Needs To Get Over Her Ex Already But Now He’s Asking The Internet If He Should Apologize

“6 or so months ago Will got engaged,” he said. “Understandably, we talked about it a handful of times. I get it.”

“My wife and I live in a town next to where she grew up and about 30 minutes north of where we went to college.”

“The past two months without fail we’ll drive past someplace that she has a memory with Will and inevitably that leads to a 30-minute story about going to prom 3 years or staying at a lake house, or whatever.”

“I feel like I’ve heard about Will every other day the past two months. I’ve quit caring; zero interest in hearing about my spouse’s ex.”

He’s tried changing the topic, he’s tried to being understanding and just listen, and he’s even tried to give her some semblance of advice, to which his wife replied that he doesn’t get it because he’s never had his heart broken.

Things came to a head the other day when he and his wife happened to drive by the condo that Will’s parents use for vacation.

His wife ended up telling him a 20-minute long story about Will before he cut her off.

“Will fatigue coupled with high dose steroids from treatment (which severely inhibits patients) led me to tell her it’s been 10 years and to get over it,” he continued.

After those words left his mouth it led to a fight between him and his wife. He’s concerned he might have been a jerk in saying what he did because he does not understand what it’s like to be heartbroken.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“This is going to sound cold but if she doesn’t get some help and get over Will, you are going to experience a broken heart yourself.”

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