Her Adult Boyfriend Still Plays With Toys So She Donated Them Without Asking Him And The Internet Says She Has No Heart

“I thought it was cute and endearing at first. But we’ve got a baby on the way. And my friends are laughing at me,” she continued.

Her friends tell her it’s like she is dating a 12-year-old boy and not a man in his 20s.

“With the baby, I want to use that room for something like a nursery. I politely asked him how he’d feel about getting rid of them, but he said no,” she explained.

“I said something about giving them to charity but he said no again. I brought up that it could give us a lot of extra money if we sold them but he still denied it.”

“I asked about the baby but he said we’ll just budget it out like we always do. How he’ll spend less on figures, but selling his collection is out of the question.”

“I told him that they could make some other kid, a less fortunate kid, happy.”

She then noted her friends have only continued to tease her about her boyfriend playing with toys, and they also tell him that it’s time to “grow up”.

She also said “word got to his father” but it sounds like she was the one to take it upon herself to tell her future father-in-law about his son’s hobby.

Her boyfriend had disclosed to her that his dad would not allow him to buy toys as soon as he hit 12-years-old, so after he moved out of the house he felt like he was finally free to buy any figurine he felt like having.

“I showed his dad pictures of the toy room and he was shocked. He got mad and said we’re stopping that right now,” she wrote.

Her boyfriend’s dad told her he was going to help her force him to grow up. So, while her boyfriend was sleeping, his dad came to their apartment.

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