Her Boyfriend Choked Her And Said He Was In The Mood To Kill Her So She’s Asking The Internet If She Should Leave Him

She thought maybe he got caught up in everything, but then it happened again.

“He was just like staring at me and was whispering sweet things to me and then it took a turn to, you’re mine forever, never gonna let you go, I’ll kill you if you leave,” she said.

She pulled back from him, and he tried to tickle her and play it all off as a joke.

She admitted she loves him, but she has zero idea how to begin to speak to him about what happened.

She’s thinking of leaving him and their relationship, especially since they don’t have a dark sense of humor so this behavior is entirely out of left field.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“More important than ignoring her safe word, “I’ll kill you if you leave” is controlling behavior. This is the real reason she should leave, and I mean yesterday.”


“This is abuse. Statistics show that men who choke their partners (without consent) are far more likely to end up killing her.”


“Wouldn’t you rather get away and be able to see your grandkids one day? Or risk the chance this guy will not stop choking you?”

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