Her Boyfriend Choked Her And Said He Was In The Mood To Kill Her So She’s Asking The Internet If She Should Leave Him

“Unless you think you are stronger than him…. please…look out for yourself. This is scary and not normal.”


“Best case scenario his self-control is dangerously poor. I’d be terrified.”


“He ignored your safe word and his response to use it was to ‘joke’ about killing you while doing something that very much could kill or cause serious injury to you.”

“Honestly, I don’t think I could ever trust a partner that lost in his own power fantasies because the one that gets hurt in all of this is you.”


“He seems to be escalating, to see how far he can go. Dangerous. Trust his actions not his words.”


She then provided an update on what she decided to do.

“I just wanted you all to know that last night while he was sleeping, I took my dog Daisy and left my boyfriend in the middle of the night,” she explained in an update.

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