Her Fiancé Proposed To Her With An Heirloom Ring And After He Passed Away She Didn’t Want To Give It Back To His Family

The ring is special to her, understandably, and she refused to give it to Ben. Ben freaked out on her and insisted the ring should now be his in light of Alex’s passing.

She kicked him out of her place, and then called Alex and Ben’s mom to say that she intended to continue holding onto their family ring.

Well, Alex and Ben’s mom does not agree with her decision.

“She told me she wouldn’t have minded if I had been married to Alex,” she continued. “But I wasn’t, so I am not a part of the family and therefore I should return the ring.”

“She also told me that since I am young, I am going to move on and that it’s unfair to hold on to a ring that I will never wear again.”

“Especially a ring that belonged to her family for generations. It belongs to the family and not me or Alex, as Alex didn’t buy it.”

She hung the phone up, after telling Alex and Ben’s mom that there is no way she is going to return the family ring since Alex gifted it to her.

She did admit that it would have crossed her mind to return the ring if she felt she was further along in her grieving process, but she isn’t, and she can’t stand giving the ring back at this point in her life.

Alex and Ben’s mom has not stopped texting her and calling her, asking for the ring back. Ben has also joined in on asking that she return it.

They both are accusing her of stealing their family’s heirloom ring.

How would you deal with this?

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