Her Maid Of Honor’s Boyfriend Wanted To Propose At Her Wedding But She Said No And Now They’re Both Angry With Her

Last month, a 27-year-old woman got married to her 30-year-old husband. Their wedding was on the smaller side, but it was absolutely lovely and just what she wanted.

Just two weeks before this bride was set to tie the knot with her groom, she was surprised when the boyfriend of her maid of honor (who is also her very best friend) asked her a pretty big favor.

Her maid of honor’s boyfriend wanted to propose to her maid of honor…at her wedding reception.

“I first told him how thrilled I was that he was proposing to my friend and how excited she would be, but I really wasn’t comfortable with him proposing during the wedding, at least as a public thing,” she said.

Her maid of honor’s boyfriend was completely taken aback by her answer, and he really thought she was going to agree to his proposal happening at her wedding.

He replied back to her that weddings are all about love, and she should be happy he picked her wedding to propose to her maid of honor, whom he has been dating for 11 years.

This bride didn’t want him to get it twisted; she was happy he wanted to propose, she just wasn’t happy about where he wanted to do it.

“…I just didn’t understand why it needed to happen during the 5.5-hour window of my ceremony/cocktail hour/reception,” she explained.

“I was very apologetic and offered to help however I could with the proposal on any other day, but he was clearly not happy with me.”

Piman Khrutmuang –

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