Her Mother-In-Law Called Her A Bad Mom At Her 1-Year-Old’s Funeral And Now She’s Telling The Internet She Doesn’t Want To Go To The Apology Dinner

“She used the fact that everyone was there so she could say it was my fault my son was born sick and I didn’t take care of him properly, that I didn’t listen to her when suggested other ways to treat his condition.”

“And That I was the one who took their grandchild away from them and caused them heartache. She then loudly called me a bad mother I had no idea how I kept my composure and kept standing on both feet.”

“My mom and sisters responded by telling her to leave. My husband was sitting down crying.”

“She then went to tell everyone I kicked her out as a way to hurt her further and lied that I convinced my husband to ban her from visiting her grandson’s grave.”

After this all happened, her husband emailed his family stating he would be breaking ties with his mother due to her unacceptable behavior.

Incredulously, her husband’s whole family berated him for his decision and called him selfish for it.

“We haven’t seen his mom in 1 year and 8 months. I’m now 3 months pregnant. No one knew only my sister-in-law (brother-in-law’s wife) but word got out,” she then said.

“Though we told her not to say anything. A week later I had family members saying I was invited to a dinner hosted by mother-in-law so she could both apologize in front of the whole family and settle this issue before the baby’s born.”

“They said mother-in-law was regretful and offered to financially provide for her grandbaby and they want to see that.”

She refused to go to the dinner, and her husband shockingly would like her to attend it.

Her husband’s grandparents ended up calling her and saying they know she has a great heart and is forgiving and everything should basically be water under the bridge.

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