Her Sister Is Demanding She Fork Over The Inheritance To Pay For Her IVF And She’s Asking The Internet If It’s Wrong Of Her To Refuse

A 25-year-old woman has a 31-year-old sister named Ella and growing up, they really had an awful and abusive childhood.

After their mom passed away, this younger sister got an inheritance, but Ella did not because of the fact that she had a high school girlfriend.

Ella brought a girlfriend home in high school and after their parents found out, they forced Ella out of the house.

In their adult years, they both had stopped speaking to their parents altogether, but despite this, she chose to take the inheritance that was left for her since she thought it finally was the single positive thing to happen from their family.

As soon as things were legally complete with her being able to have the money, Ella and her husband John showed up at her house while her own husband was working.

Ella and John told her they had to speak to her about something, then said they ran out of money to attempt another round of IVF.

“I could see where this was going so I just said “I’m sorry Ella, I understand. I was thinking about this as well and Tom thinks this is the right thing to do too. You should have half of the money, you deserve it,” she said.

“John tells me that’s not what they wanted to talk about but that they wanted all of the money. I’m a bit taken aback. Apparently half won’t be enough.”

She then explained to Ella and John that she would be using half of the money to pay for her daughter to go to college in the future and the rest she was setting aside for her daughter to spend as a teen (her daughter is only 3 right now).

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