His Brother Ruined His Wedding By Calling The Cops On His Bride So Now He’s Refusing To Go To His Brother’s Upcoming Wedding

As soon as he arrived, he started accusing this man’s wife of being a thief, before calling the cops.

The cops did arrive, but they decided it was a dispute among family members and then left the wedding.

What should have been one of the best days of his life was destroyed, and his wife was beyond upset.

Following this mess that Carl made, he cut off all contact with him for an entire year. A few weeks ago, his youngest brother Simon hand-delivered a wedding invitation to him, and it was for Carl’s upcoming wedding.

Simon announced that Carl wanted him to be there, but this man pointed out to his youngest brother that Carl ruined his wedding day.

Simon tried to say that Carl did feel bad, but this man was not having it. He doesn’t want to support Carl, especially after he berated his wife, and he sent back Carl’s wedding invitation.

His dad and his aunt both are not siding with him and they feel he should go to Carl’s wedding and put the past in the past.

He still refused, and his family thinks he’s the absolute worst for his decision.

“I want to add that I felt guilty because before this whole thing took place, Carl and I were very close but what he did can’t be undone and he’s forever tainted the memory of my wedding but also, I’m aware of how me declining the invitation might look petty,” he concluded.

How would you handle this?

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