His Girlfriend Is Into Vampire Role-Playing But He’s Concerned For His Safety And So Is The Internet

A 24-year-old man is saying his 26-year-old girlfriend is into vampire role-playing. He said it was fun at first, but now it has gone way too far.

He’s concerned for his safety and the internet is as well.

He’s been with his girlfriend for a year and a half, and during that time they have frequently discussing living together.

Recently, they ended up moving in together, and he thought it would be great to see how well they get along so they can see if marriage might be the next step.

Being stuck at home together due to everything going on in the world, they ended up spending way more time with one another than usual.

His girlfriend thought role-playing might be a fun way to use up all their new free time, and it’s something they dabbled in before.

But then, things take a pretty dark turn in the bedroom.

His girlfriend started bringing up vampire role-playing a lot. Initially, he thought it was some kind of joke, but then she started getting really into the “authenticity.”

“I did not realize there was so much knowledge available about vampires,” he admitted. “I am almost always a powerless regular human which I’m cool with I don’t really want to do homework to prep for role play accuracy.”

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