His Girlfriend Is Into Vampire Role-Playing But He’s Concerned For His Safety And So Is The Internet

“At the start, it was just some light bondage and biting which was cool, but now more recently it’s turning into heavier-duty restraints and there is more biting, which I was ok with but after the 3rd time of her drawing blood, I’ve asked her to reduce the bites (nowhere dangerous it was mainly around the upper shoulder).”

She was irritated by him telling her that and she went so far as to call him “boring.”

Then, she started spending a lot of time on the computer, and he thinks she’s looking up more vampire things. She also started spending most of her day trying different kinds of fancy knots.

“And I should add that she has started doing more vampire stuff in her everyday life which I thought was her doing a ‘bit’ at first but now I am less sure,” he continued.

“…She’s still fine with garlic? I have spoken to her several times about all this before I decided to post, but it always involves a lot of deflection and her telling me not to worry and that I’m overthinking…”

“I’m just worrying that this is an escalating situation to maybe cope with the quarantine or moving in? Is there anything I should be worried about? Has anyone had a similar situation with their partner?”

The internet was definitely concerned for his safety and insisted he should break up with her.

“Not only is this a mental health concern but an actual physical safety concern.”


“Human mouths are filthy and a human bite can become a serious infection. Make sure your tetanus vaccine is up to date, seriously. People who play/believe they are vampires don’t bite each other for that reason, they cut and are very careful about sanitation.”


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