His Mom Is Threatening To Get Up At The Wedding And Object Because His Fiancée Suffers From Schizophrenia

They felt that because she was so educated, hard-working, and smart, that she was the best fit for him.

When he introduced them to his fiancée 6 months into dating her, they were clearly disapproving of the fact that she worked as a salesperson.

They could not understand why she wanted to work making $11 an hour when she had gone to a decent college.

It was then that he brought up the fact that his fiancée has schizophrenia, and his mom absolutely lost it on him.

Anyway, fast forward to this past July, and he proposed. He told his family, and his dad tried to be excited, but everyone else in his family was unhappy with the announcement.

His mom actually sobbed when she found out, and now that there have been multiple conversations about planning the actual wedding, his mom just sits there angrily.

His mom has also taken issue with the fact that his fiancée is estranged from her family, and they will not be attending the wedding “because they didn’t accept that their daughter had schizophrenia.”

He did share with his mom at one point that he wants to have a child, and his mom cried over that. She feels he could find another woman that is not “crazy” and “dangerous” like his fiancée.

“Then she threatened to object at the wedding because people, including all my friends needed to know that I was marrying someone who was on the edge of sanity and therefore dysfunctional and dangerous,” he continued.

His mom is serious about going through with her threat, which his dad has confirmed, while his fiancée is upset over the ceremony potentially stopping when his mom does stand up and say something.

He currently thinks there may be no other way to avoid the drama on his wedding day except to tell his mom she can’t come anymore.

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