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His Twin Sister Is Getting Married On The Exact Same Day That He Lost His Wife And Daughter So He’s Telling Her He Can’t Go To The Wedding

He knows that the second anniversary of his wife and daughter being gone is going to be equally hard on him, and he’s not sure why his sister ignored this entirely when planning her wedding.

He did point out to his sister the problem with the day she picked out for getting married, and she’s furious with him.

Then, his sister’s fiancée started pressuring him to just “be there for her” and set his feelings aside for the day, which really doesn’t sound like a reasonable request at all.

His mom and his additional siblings followed suit with his sister’s fiancée, and every single one of them had said they get how he feels, but he needs to be at the wedding to support his twin sister.

He doesn’t agree with his loved ones, and he’s still refusing to attend the wedding, which has left his family feeling like he’s a jerk.

His sister has been at the forefront of insisting he’s terrible for wanting to skip out.

“She always wanted me to be there on her wedding and this will spoil everything,” he continued. “It’s hard, wish I could be there but I just can’t.”

How would you handle this?

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