She Disappeared Over A Year Ago And Then Her Purse Was Found In Her Favorite Park: Where Is Lauren Dumolo?

Cape Coral, Florida. 29-year-old Lauren Dumolo lived in an apartment in Cape Coral, and she had a young daughter who was the light of her life.

Lauren loved visiting the nearby Four Freedoms Park, and she spent a lot of time there. It was about half a mile from where she lived, so it was easy for her to walk there.

She enjoyed taking the time to have a quiet moment to herself in the park so she could meditate.

A little more than a year ago on June 19th, 2020, Lauren disappeared, and her purse was later found in her favorite park.

Facebook; pictured above is Lauren

On the morning that Lauren went missing, her boyfriend, Gabriel Pena, would later say that he saw her at around 6 a.m.

He then gave Lauren a kiss goodbye and left to go to work, and several hours after he left, Lauren’s cellphone placed a Facebook call to him, but he was unable to answer it.

When Gabriel came home that night, he couldn’t find Lauren anywhere, and he informed her family.

“We knew from that moment something was not right,” Lauren’s sister Cassie Carey wrote in a Facebook post.

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