She Doesn’t Want Her Dad To Show Up To Her Wedding With His 3 Girlfriends And He Accused Her Of Discriminating Against His Lifestyle

A 27-year-old woman is getting married in just a few more months, but now she has one heck of a problem on her hands that she quickly has to figure out how to deal with.

Her dad’s side of her family is very into having multiple wives and/or girlfriends. Her grandfather was in a relationship with 2 wives, plus her grandmother, and another woman he called his girlfriend.

Her grandfather passed away in 2014, and after his death, her grandmother spoke up with something quite shocking.

Her grandmother said she felt forced to be part of this lifestyle due to her having this bride-to-be’s dad at a very young age.

After her grandmother announced this, her own dad and both of her uncles went entirely no contact with her.

Surprisingly, just one year after her grandmother spoke out against everything, her own mom did as well.

Her mom filed for divorce, and she stopped speaking to her own dad for a few years. In 2019, her dad contacted her to say that he had lung cancer, and she decided to resume a relationship with him under one condition…

…She didn’t want to meet or deal with the three girlfriends he now had.

“When we sent out wedding invitations we offered all the adults a single plus 1 option,” she explained.

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