She Had No Idea She Adopted The Child Her Husband Secretly Had With His Mistress, And This Mom Is Sharing With The Internet She’s Very Upset

So, they adopted him. “He is my son as much as my other son that I had with my husband,” she continued.

“Now that they are 10 and 5-years-old and they looked so much like each other that I begin to have suspicions.”

She then says she decided to DNA test them without her husband knowing, and it turns out, they are half brothers.

So this means her husband slept with their younger neighbor whom they considered a good friend of theirs.

“My husband cheated on me with her and had a child with her. I don’t know how I should act.”

“I am so angry and feel so humiliated but I love the three of them so much. I feel like I am just a tool and that my dignity was stepped upon.”

“It feels like I was not a mother but an idiot who was used like a babysitter for his child. How I am supposed to react?”

“Should I tell them the truth and try to cancel the adoption? Should I divorce him? Am I right to feel like it or am I a monster to see in this child my humiliation?”

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“Your feelings are right to have; how you act on them is a matter of thought. But the jumble of reactions you are having is natural in a situation like this.”

“I think one question you need to consider is, Do you want to raise both boys? Setting aside whether or not your husband is involved, understand that the child is blameless, and isn’t responsible for his parentage. Deciding what you want to do regarding the child is important.”

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