She Humiliated Her Fiancé’s Female Coworker And Now He’s Telling The Internet He’s Putting The Wedding On Hold For Now

A 25-year-old man just popped the question to his 24-year-old fiancée Amy, and after she agreed to marry him, he was absolutely thrilled.

He and Amy picked out their venues, saved a date, and selected all their wedding invitations already.

They discussed their guest list and decided that they each would like to invite their coworkers to the wedding since they really enjoy all of them.

Immediately following that conversation, Amy told him that he isn’t allowed to invite one person from his work…26-year-old Tally.

Tally isn’t just his coworker; she’s a very good friend of his, so he was shocked to learn that Amy wanted to exclude her from the guest list.

“When I asked why, she said she just doesn’t like her and finds our friendship uncomfortable, saying she thinks that Tally is the type of person to try to sway taken men and be the center of attention,” he said.

“After talking some more to see where she got this idea, it turned out this was based on nothing but Tally’s looks as even Amy admitted that Tally is always very kind to her.”

“But still, Amy is adamant about Tally not going and said that she makes her insecure. Amy is a beautiful woman so I don’t know why she feels this way.”

He agreed to Amy not wanting to invite Tally to the wedding, but he shared that he wanted to discuss this with Tally privately so she would not feel embarrassed.

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