She Never Used To Lock Her Doors Until She Found A Stranger’s Tooth In Her Bedroom

The internet is full of creepy and crazy true stories, and this one has to be one of the freakiest things I’ve ever come across.

If you don’t lock your doors, now is the time to start.

This young woman never used to lock hers…until she found a stranger’s tooth in her bedroom.

“I live alone in a fairly large house. In my bedroom I have a door that leads outside to a small porch,” she started out by saying.

“I was just sweeping the ebony-stained wood floors, which I frequently do because they show every speck of dirt.”

“I just found this TOOTH right in front of the door, on my bedroom floor.”

“This has not been there. I was so shocked to find it I actually stood there and ran my tongue over my teeth to see if it might be my own.”

Here’s who that tooth ended up belonging to…

Imgur; pictured above is the stranger’s tooth that she found

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