She Sadly Drowned Along With Her Golden Retriever Puppy While On Vacation In Vermont

Westminster, Vermont. 36-year-old Erika Seyfried lived in Brooklyn, New York, along with her husband and 7-month-old Golden Retriever puppy named Jules.

The couple recently rented a vacation home in Westminster and brought Jules along with them.

Last Sunday, August 29th, Erika took Jules out for a walk at around 11 that morning and was last seen close to the home she was staying at with her husband.

When Erika and Jules never made it back home, Erika’s husband called the police and reported her as missing around 8 in the evening.

“Erika Seyfried, of Brooklyn, New York, was reported to have gone for a walk with her 7-month-old golden retriever and has not returned,” the Vermont State Police wrote in a press release.

Vermont State Police; pictured above is Erika and her puppy Jules

“The disappearance was reported to the Vermont State Police at about 8 p.m. Sunday and is not considered suspicious, but there are concerns for her welfare.”

As authorities began searching for Erika and Jules, they sadly located both of them in a nearby river.

“During the search for Erika Seyfried, members of the Vermont State Police Scuba Team located the body of a woman in the Saxtons River near the vacation home at 33 Gage St. in Westminster where she had been staying,” the Vermont State Police explained.

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