She Says She Doesn’t Want To Go Through With Getting Married Unless Her Fiancé Signs A Prenup But He’s Refusing

A 38-year-old woman recently got engaged to her 35-year-old fiancé, but she’s saying she doesn’t want to go through with getting married to him unless he agrees to sign a prenup.

She’s known her fiancé for 5 years and they have been dating for 3 years. They got engaged just last week.

Literally, the next day after her fiancé popped the question, she laid it all out for him and said she expects him to sign a prenuptial agreement because she wants a sense of security in the event things don’t go as planned.

Her fiancé is accusing her of not being fair to him and expecting their marriage to be a failure before it even begins.

She’s thinking she might have no choice but to compromise in the matter, but she did provide a little more information on her situation.

“We got into an argument and I did admittedly go too far,” she said. “By taking a shot at his inability to hold a job.”

“I believe it was too far, because I admittedly had malicious intent. I’ve since apologized.”

Her fiancé has pointed out to her that she must think that he is just mooching if she expects him to sign the agreement.

She doesn’t actually think that he’s a mooch, but she is concerned by the fact that she makes significantly more than he does, and she is worried that he spent the majority of their relationship unemployed.

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