She Sent Her Stepbrother The Bill Expecting Him To Pay For Half Of Her Fancy Engagement Party After He Basically Made It A Gender Reveal Party

A 26-year-old woman has a 30-year-old stepbrother named Ethan who has been in her life since she was a young child.

Growing up, Ethan was always super competitive with her and always treated her like he needed to beat her to things.

For example, Ethan once broke his finger on the day she was supposed to graduate so her parents could not go to her graduation.

Another time, Ethan insisted on euthanizing her dog on her actual birthday and then tried to make everyone in their family feel bad for being excited about her birthday.

Also, Ethan decided he would get married on the same day that her mom had passed away.

After a few years went by, Ethan seemed to have grown up and moved on from his competitive nature, and he even told her that he would like her to be an aunt when he has kids.

Several days ago, she held her engagement dinner at a very high-end restaurant that cost her and her fiancè Morgan a good deal of cash.

Ethan arrived without having been invited, and he brought along his wife. She was surprised to see him there, but she was even more surprised to hear what he had to say later on in the evening.

Ethan announced to all of her guests that he and his wife were expecting a boy, so he turned her engagement dinner into a gender reveal party.

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