She Was Just 16-Years-Old When She Was Found Strangled Near A Cemetery And After 45 Years Of Being Called A Jane Doe She Finally Has Been Identified

Baltimore, Maryland. On September 12th in 1976, a young woman was dumped near Lorraine Park Cemetery, on a road that was used to access the cemetery.

This poor young woman had been beaten and brutally assaulted before she was strangled to death.

“Chlorpromazine was found in her system, which may have been used to sedate her,” the Baltimore County Police Department would later explain.

She also had been wrapped up inside of a bedsheet when she was discovered, and she had a bag of grass seed and several bandannas placed on top of her face.

A witness stated that they believed she had been dumped that morning between 9:20 and 10:20 a.m.

The witness also mentioned that they had seen a white-colored van driving around the exact location the young woman was later found in.

One of the young woman’s shoes was located close to her body, and she had a few items on her that authorities hoped would be able to help identify her.

Inside of her pocket was a safety pin and two different keys, and she had been wearing a rawhide necklace with a brightly colored turquoise bead threaded onto it.

Baltimore County Police Department; pictured above are the keys and the safety pin found inside of the young woman’s pocket

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