She Went Behind Her Sister’s Back And Paid For Her 18-Year-Old Niece’s Tummy Tuck But Now She’s Wondering If She Made The Right Choice

A woman with an 18-year-old niece asked the internet to weigh in on her current situation. Her niece, named Jenny, experienced trauma as a child, which led her to eat emotionally and become obese.

She also was held back in school and suffered a lot of social problems. Jenny’s parents eventually got her the help she so desperately needed and through therapy, she got her emotional eating under control.

She also began to heal from the trauma she went through, but one thing still remained an enormous problem for her.

“Because they waited so long to take the problem seriously, after she lost the weight her skin didn’t bounce back and she was left with a saggy belly and protruding abdomen,” Jenny’s aunt said.

“She had a “double roll” belly where there’s a roll above and below the navel, and the bottom one tends to stick out in clothing.”

No matter what Jenny wore, it was obvious, and it’s something that really bothered her.

“Nothing she did would fix it. Her parents are very much anti-plastic surgery, and given that she was a teenager I totally get it. But she was miserable in her body,” her aunt continued.

So, every summer Jenny spends her break at her aunt’s beach house, and her aunt said she just adores getting to spend that time with Jenny.

“Over the years she would cry and cry and cry to me about how much she hated her stomach and how she just wishes she could look normal and her parents would just let her get a tummy tuck,” she explained.

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