She Went Behind Her Sister’s Back And Paid For Her 18-Year-Old Niece’s Tummy Tuck But Now She’s Wondering If She Made The Right Choice

Last year, Jenny’s aunt made up her mind that for Jenny’s 18th birthday, she was going to gift her a tummy tuck.

She had one condition for the gift though; Jenny’s counselor needed to sign off on the surgery.

Jenny’s counselor said that they thought the surgery would help Jenny immensely, and so Jenny got her tummy tuck late last summer before going back to college.

“I can’t tell you how different she was,” Jenny’s aunt pointed out. “Confident, happy, she finally wore clothes that didn’t hide her body, the whole nine yards. She even asked out someone at the beach.”

“She came home for Spring Break and finally wore something that made her mom take notice, and I’m guessing mom saw the scar.”

“She hit the roof and started yelling at Jenny for what she did, asking her if she really spent her college money on something this frivolous, etc etc. Jenny came crying to me about it and I knew I couldn’t let her mom “blame” her, so I fessed up.”

Her sister is accusing her of basically being the devil, and someone who warped the way Jenny views herself.

Jenny’s aunt wrote that Jenny is the happiest she has been in her entire life, and she’s also the healthiest she has ever been.

The tummy tuck didn’t leave Jenny desiring to have more procedures on her body, and so she isn’t quite positive why her sister is so beyond angry with her.

She then admitted that she does understand that she did do this without her sister knowing and that plastic surgery isn’t a small thing to have done, but in the end, she did it for Jenny. She just wanted what was best for her niece.

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