She Went Missing After Bowling With Her Friends For Her Birthday And Four Months Later She Was Found Dead In The Trunk Of Her Own Car

Destini’s mom called Kareem that day to ask where Destini was, and he told her an interesting story that she simply did not believe.

Kareem claimed that after bowling the night before, he had argued intensely with Destini about something while they were in her car.

As they were driving down Grand Central Parkway, Destini jumped from the car, but she did not take her cellphone, money, ID, keys, or purse with her.

Destini’s family knew something had to be terribly wrong, since she would not have gotten out of the car on a major highway all alone in the middle of the dark, especially without taking any of her things with her.

Destini’s family reported her as missing, and in the months that followed, they desperately tried to search all over Queens for her.

Sadly, they would find Destini 4 months later, dead in the trunk of her own car.

It was March 10th, 2021, when someone in the neighborhood of South Ozone Park called 311 to ask that they come out to tow a 2011 black Toyota Camry.

Facebook; pictured above is another photo of Destini

The car had been sitting there abandoned on Lefferts Boulevard for a little over 2 months, and the license plates had been removed from the car.

That 2011 black Toyota Camry turned out to belong to Destini, and remember, her boyfriend had told her mom that she had jumped out of it and left.

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