She’s Engaged To A Man 15 Years Older Than Her And Now She’s Thinking Of Ending Things

A 22-year-old college student is currently engaged to a 37-year-old man, whom she initially met in one of her classes.

When she met him, she knew he was older than her, but they struck up a friendship. She also was aware of the fact that he had 3 children since he would frequently speak of them, but she had no idea that he was married.

He kissed her following a day out with some of their friends, and she figured that had to mean that he was not in a relationship at all, but she was wrong.

They began dating, and he revealed to her that he was actually married.

He explained to her that he was sleeping on the couch and only staying married to his wife because of their children and that he felt the marriage was over for years.

“I instantly broke things off and said that I would not participate in any cheating, it didn’t matter if they were not together in that way, because they were still legally together,” she said.

Less than a month after she broke up with him, he asked if they could talk after class one day, and she agreed.

During their chat, he brought up the fact that he was officially divorced and had the paperwork to prove it, so he wanted to re-start their relationship since he was in love with her.

“He reiterated that he did not get divorced because of me, he explained that his wife had been asking for a divorce but he wanted to stay together because of the kids,” she continued.

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