She’s Insisting Her Boyfriend’s Mom Should Pay To Fix The Damaged Wedding Dress She Was Supposed To Wear

“I was a little stressed at her wedding because she kept walking on the very edge of the ocean, but I bit my tongue because it was her wedding day.”

Ella then left for her honeymoon, and after returning home, went to this young woman’s house to give her the dress.

When she took it out of the bag it was in, she remarked that it smelled weird and the fabric was stiff.

Ella mentioned at the end of the evening when they had left the wedding, she and her best friend jumped off a dock into the water.

“I was expecting some wear from a beach wedding but it was gross, and then I noticed the back was a bit damaged from how it was taken off. She pretty much said too bad.”

“I later heard that when we left, Ella was talking to a couple people about how she hates me and doesn’t want me to wear her dress.”

“Her BFF said she should jump in, and she would jump with her. when confronted Ella just said it was her party and we know she likes to be spontaneous.”

She insisted that Ella should pay to have the wedding dress fixed and cleaned professionally, but Ella refused.

She pointed out even though she understands Ella doesn’t really owe her anything, Ella is very rich.

But then, she changes her tune and says Ella actually does owe her because she was on a diet to fit in the dress and she thinks Ella purposely ruined the dress.

She says she’s now heartbroken, and her boyfriend is upset and fought with Ella about disrespecting their relationship.

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