She’s Selling Her Used Underwear Online And Her Fiancé Is Asking The Internet For Help With How To Handle This

“There’s something weird going on psychologically. She spends about 40% of her income on necessities (rent, bills, groceries) and has always saved 50%, leaving only 10% to spend on things she wants.”

He noted that it is important to her to have some money she can spend how she wants…

…But he estimates her panty sales are only like 5% of what she makes every month so it’s not a lot of extra money she’s making.

He ended things by saying this whole situation isn’t exactly something he would end the relationship over, but it is a thing that really upsets him.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“You don’t need a logical reason to be uncomfortable with this. If you’ve already told her how you feel and she dismisses those feelings, that’s now the main problem.”


“I would ask her to show you how she does it. How she sells them and gets clients to buy.”

“If it’s truly anonymous like she says it is, then it’s a business. And she shouldn’t have an issue showing you and you shouldn’t have an issue with it…”


“I think it’s really strange that she didn’t discuss this with you prior to her actually going out and doing it, and I think that plus the fact that she’s not really doing this because she needs the money are two really big red flags.”

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