Single Mom Starts Online Fundraiser To Keep Her Son With “A Heart Of Gold” Enrolled In College

It “broke his heart,” Kelli said, but despite that major setback, Kai graduated from his high school with honors and applied to attend UTA since the tuition was much cheaper for him to attend an in-state college.

“This kid is so amazing and has a heart of gold,” Kelli continued. “Always giving of himself, volunteering, taking care of his siblings, working hard in school, athletics, and at home. He has gone through so much but never gives up, keeps pushing, and always going the extra mile in everything he does.”

Kai is excelling at UTA, and he loves being a college student. He is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business while minoring in finance, and Kai’s dream is to start his very own business when he graduates.

Kelli is desperately trying to raise enough money to cover the cost of Kai’s meal plan, housing, and tuition until they make it to the spring semester when Kai will qualify to receive more financial aid.

Kelli doesn’t want to break Kai’s heart by having to pull him out of college, and she’s hoping to raise $5,000 to help Kai stay at UTA.

If you would like to donate to the GoFundMe page created to help keep Kai in school, you can do that here.

GoFundMe; pictured above Kelli shared a screenshot of how much it will cost to keep Kai enrolled at UTA, which is the amount she is hoping to raise

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